The Four Truths:   Give yourself a crash-course

Discover the surprising truth about chemicals in our skin care products.   Explore the “uglier” side of the powerful beauty industry, the role that the government plays in protecting (or not protecting) consumers, and even how chemicals enter and remain in the human body.  And most importantly, uncover the healthy, natural, non-toxic options available and how to make smart shopping decisions to improve your health.

Truth #1:  Beauty Has a Dirty Little Secret

Truth #2:  Everyday Exposures Add Up

Truth #3:  Safety Testing Not Required

Truth #4:  You are in Control

The Story of Cosmetics: Adorable illustrations. Scary facts.

This remarkable 7-minute video highlights the toxicity of the beauty industry, how it got that way, and why consumers are at risk.  Hooray for Annie Leonard and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.Watch the video here.

The Truth Naturals Toxic Glossary

An easy-to-read guide to some of the most common (and dangerous) chemicals found in products today.  We’ve also included specific brand-name beauty and skin care products that contain these ingredients, helping identify causes for concern in your own makeup bag or bathroom cupboard.  Click here for our toxic glossary.

10 Special Americans

Discover what chemicals were found in the blood of 10 very special Americans.  This ground-breaking study, conducted by the non-profit Environmental Working Group, will sadden, alarm and infuriate you all at once. Click here to watch the EWG video.

Truth Naturals Wallet Card

Print at home, then tuck our Card into your wallet or purse.   It comes in handy while at the grocery store, cosmetics counter or at the computer.  This little gem is filled with useful information, from a Good/Bad Plastics list, the Top 15 Toxic Ingredients, and even an Organic Produce shopping list.  We make smart shopping easy, all on one little card.  Print the Truth Naturals Wallet Card.