About Us

Our Non-Toxic Commitment

At Truth Naturals, we are committed to using only natural, organic and plant-derived ingredients to create chemical-free and non-toxic products for the entire family.  Originally started by a Mom fed up with toxic ingredients in her children’s products, Truth Naturals offers a diverse product line for the entire family, from natural facial and body products to  mineral cosmetics and self-tanners, too.

Because we believe that toxic and potentially harmful chemicals have absolutely no place inside products we use on our bodies and children, we are very persnickety about what goes into every one of our products.  Unlike conventional products, we never allow toxic ingredients, chemicals, phthalates, petroleum / petrochemicals, SLS (sodium laurel or laureth sulfates) or parabens.  Instead, we create indulgent, good-for-you products that are professionally formulated using herbals, botanicals and skin-nourishing ingredients.

And in an effort to bring some much-needed transparency to the industry, we also believe in honest labeling.  We clearly list all ingredients, helping you to see what’s actually inside the bottle.   We say we’re natural, and we actually are.   No misleading claims.  No hiding behind 5-syllable chemical names, as the pseudo-natural products do.   Just honestly natural ingredients, clearly labeled for real people to read and understand.

Earning and Learning

A large part of our mission at Truth Naturals is to educate consumers about the U.S. beauty industry.   We know that a lot of people simply aren’t aware that a problem exists, never imagining that their skin care products could actually contain harmful chemicals.  So in an effort to spread the truth (get it?) and educate people about healthy product choices, Truth Naturals Independent Representatives conduct Truth Naturals Parties.  At these events, Reps share the eye-opening message about toxic beauty products, while showcasing our diverse product line.     It’s a winning arrangement, no matter how you look at it:  Truth Reps are able to earn extra income for their family, and party attendees discover a trustworthy, healthy alternative to conventional, chemical-filled products.  To inquire about Independent Representative opportunities, please email us at info@truthnaturals.com.

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